The Ultimate Floating Vacation: Experience the Greek Islands

Greece… the gem of the Mediterranean. It seems everyone I’ve ever spoken to about vacations has Greece on their bucket list, and if they’ve already been, they discuss their plans to return – and with good reason. Greece has all the elements one could want for a destination spot: beautiful weather, crystal clear seas, breathtaking landscapes, a rich cultural history, and plenty of things to do and see.

But anyone who has experienced it before will tell you with utter certainty that the greatest way to explore Greece is by sailing its coasts and its many beautiful islands. If you’re going to plan a dream vacation, why not do it the right way?

As with most of our dreams, there’s usually something (or a lot of things) that are holding us back. What is holding you back from sailing the Greek islands? No time… the kids… the high expenses…?

Well, I’m here to tell you that this dream is much more attainable than you think.

There’s a very common misconception that sailing the Greek islands on a yacht is only for the rich and famous. What is not common knowledge is that it is, in fact, it can be about the same price as taking your family to an all-inclusive resort, expect way better.

Let’s paint a scenario. Your sailboat is a 50 footer. It’s got 10 berths (sleeping room for 10 people) and a skipper (read: captain). You take 7 of your favourite people with you. If the boat is, let’s say, $700 per day, plus the price of the skipper, usually about $150 per day, then you’re looking at $850 per day. If you divide that by the number of passengers on board, it’s about $106 per person, per day! Starting to sound more realistic? We hope so!

That’s not the only benefit. Sailing the Greek islands allows you to explore, at your own pace, the untouched beauties of nature that you would’ve otherwise never seen if travelling by foot or car. And have you ever had the feeling that you need a vacation after your vacation? That’s because we try to pack all sorts of activities into our vacation schedules to make the most of it, which is wonderful, except not always relaxing. Sailing let’s you breathe, reflect and relax, while still exploring.

So take those 2 weeks off (you deserve it), grab the kids (they’ll love it), and set sail on the adventure of a lifetime. Ask us how.

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