Catamaran Hire Caribbean

Catamaran Hire Caribbean with Oasis Yachting

The magical Caribbean is the world’s home of the laid-back lifestyle, with its glistening waters and balmy year-round temperatures. Life moves a little slower, is a little brighter, and a lot more blissful. To quote Malibu Rum’s infamous commercial, life is “seriously easy going”. Who wouldn’t want a Caribbean catamaran hire? You’ve probably already tried the resort vacations. If you’re looking for a vacation that’s a little more special and relaxing, with more swimming and less walking, more sights and less sounds, then look into booking your first catamaran hire Caribbean with us.

There are many benefits to booking a catamaran hire versus staying at a Caribbean Resort. We’ve highlighted a few of these for you below.

Catamaran Hire Caribbean: Your Vacation, Your Way

You wake up from your relaxing sleep to the lull of the waves of the ocean. Feel like sailing into a secluded cove one day? Exploring a historical port town the next? Spending the day sailing along the coast taking in the sights with the breeze keeping you cool as you sip on your cocktail specially made for you by the chef? That’s life on a catamaran hire Caribbean. You do what you want, when you want. The world is your oyster.

Less Stress, More Enjoyment

When you enjoy a catamaran hire in the Caribbean with Oasis Yachting, you don’t have to worry about a thing. You’re with the ones you love instead of crowds of strangers. You don’t have to reserve your chaise-lounge on the beach, or wait in line at the buffet. You don’t have to wait outside of your hotel room for the bellman to pick you up in a small golf cart to take you to the beach. Because you’re already on the water and all you have to do is jump in. While the catamaran sails swiftly into a secluded cove, you can grab a book and soak in the sun’s warming rays on the upper deck in peace. It’s just you, and the sun and the water. An escape from the crowded resorts.

More Bang for Your Buck

Oasis Yachting strives to provide you with the best price on the market for a Caribbean catamaran hire. We only work with the best yachts and the best staff, so your mind can be at ease. We put our customers first and understand that value is important. You can stay at an all-inclusive resort, and pay upwards of $2000 per person for a decent experience. Or you can book a stellar catamaran hire with us and pay one package price for your entire group of family and friends. A private charter catered just for you. Which one sounds better?

With thousands of Catamaran Hire Caribbean options available and a team of experts waiting to help, contact Oasis Yachting now.