Yacht Charters: Caribbean vs. Mediterranean

So you know that you want to go on a yacht charter – but where do you go? We’ve all been there. We know we want to go on a vacation (who doesn’t?) but where to go, where to go…

Ultimately, you should base this decision on what you want to do, the type of vacation you’re looking for, and the time of year that you want to cruise. To guide you in the right direction and help you decide,we’ve gathered some important points to consider.

Firstly, we must note that although they are thousands of miles apart, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean have many commonalities. Both areas are internationally known as top charter destinations. In both areas, you’ll have the opportunity to swim in pristine waters, relax, do a variety of water sports, and explore new cultures (if you haven’t been there yet).

That being said, there are also some notable differences.

If you’re trying to escape the cold weather of the North in the winter, the Caribbean will be a better choice between the months of November to February. This is because the temperate climate of the Mediterranean begins to cool down during these months, and although you can still swim, it might get a little chilly, especially at night.

However, in the spring and summer months (May – October), the Mediterranean stays wonderfully hot and sunny, while Caribbean weather can be somewhat unpredictable due to Hurricane Season.

It’s also important to note level of swimming experience. Novice swimmers may prefer the light turquoise waters of the Caribbean. Although in parts of the Mediterranean, the water can be turquoise and crystal clear – it tends to be a deeper shade of blue throughout. The Caribbean also houses many shallow bays.

If you’re looking for wildlife, both the Mediterranean and the Caribbean are home to a wide range of native animals. But you’ll find more tropical coloured fish and coral reefs in the Caribbean. You’ll have the opportunity to scuba dive in both areas, which both include shipwrecks and other ancient underwater treasures.

If you’re just looking for some R&R (read: tanning on your yacht with a cocktail and book in hand) the Caribbean is the spot for you. The “island vibe” is very much a real thing, and life feels like it moves a little slower, and a little smoother in the Caribbean. The Mediterranean, on the other hand, is home to avast array of culture and history. If you’re looking to do a bit more sightseeing and exploring of new cultures, and maybe some museums and ruins – the Mediterranean would be the right destination for you.

Of course, in addition to any of the above points, you’ll want to consider the costs of airfare and other expenses for your trip (and don’t forget the currency conversion rates).

Take-home message: If you’re looking for adventure in the water or pure relaxation – cruise the Caribbean. If you’re looking for adventure on land – Europe awaits.